Holographic Touch for Health™ 1

tfhlogoIn Level 1, the holographic model is the focus. You learn an integrative system that utilizes and expands upon the basic Touch for Health 14 muscle balance. With just a couple of simple additions, you’ll exponentially expand your skills and be able to apply the holographic method immediately upon completing the 2 day course.

As an added bonus, deeper understandings are provided of the philosophy, skills and techniques taught in the Touch for Health series. These understandings allow you to better focus your intent – improving your results – and allow you to better communicate to your clients and prospects what it is you do. For this reason, HoloTFH 1 has been approved in the US as a Touch for Health Update course for TFH Instructors that have completed at least one regular Touch for Health Update prior. But you don’t have to be an instructor to take this course! While the entire TFH training will ensure your (readiness) for Holographic Touch for Health, you only need to have taken TFH 2 in order to attend and be able to put this exciting new approach to practical use.

Here’s what you’ll learn in these 2 days…

Of course, the best understanding of Holographic Touch for Health comes from experiencing and applying it! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice so you’ll be able to apply what you learn immediately after the workshop. Then, in subsequent trainings, you’ll build on these skills and expand your abilities to help others benefit from what you have to offer as a Holographic Touch for Health Wellness Consultant.

Next in the series is Holographic Touch for Health 2.

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