Holographic Touch for Health™ 2

tfhlogoPicking up from where you left off in HoloTFH 1, in Level 2 the focus is on expansion – of the system and the tools you’ll use to go deeper with your sessions. You’ll learn how to be more efficient in determining what balancing modalities to use. Additionally, more advanced use of Circuit Retaining Mode (Pause Lock) as a means of maintaining the body’s focus on the balancing issue leads the way towards being able to go deeper into the causes of imbalance. Inevitably, this means looking at the emotions. And, of course, you’ll do so holographically!

When taught by Adam, you get the extra bonus of a ½ day training in HeartMath®, learning the concepts of coherence and its importance in being an effective practitioner. These skills are critical for anyone wanting to become a Wellness Consultant, and here they’re built right into the program!

Holographic TFH 2 also introduces chakras into the energy balancing repertoire – with techniques specifically developed for this workshop and not presented elsewhere. Even if you’ve learned chakra balancing methods elsewhere, you’ll want to add these to your kit bag!

A brief list of what you’ll get in this 3 day extravaganza…

All in all, when you leave Holographic Touch for Health 2, you’re ready to help people make significant transformations in their lives and experience the benefits of helping the world become a better place. Isn't that the service you want to offer?

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