Client Bill of Rights

As explained in the page about the Health Freedom Act, we ask that you download, print, read and sign our Client Bill of Rights.

For those of you scheduling your first appointment, please follow the instructions below and bring the paper with you to the office. Please also look at Adam's resumé, as being informed of his educational background is part of the statute.

If you are a practitioner, regardless of what state you're in, we support the use of a client bill of rights, and encourage you to adopt one for yourself as well. For this reason, there is a link below for a Client Bill of Rights template. You are welcome to download it and adapt it for your own professional use by filling in the blanks and changing the couple of places where information may or may not be relevant specifically to you. Most of it is taken directly from the Minnesota guidelines for what is required in such a document, so it is suggested that you only edit those parts that relate specifically to your practice.

To view this document, you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. If you do not have it, you may download it for free from the Adobe website:

When you click on the appropriate link below, if you have the Acrobat plug-in installed in your browser, it will load and the document will open in your browser window. You may then save it to your hard disk from the Acrobat plug-in menu, or print it directly from there. To download it without viewing it in your browser, select the link and right click (PC) or click and hold (Mac), and choose “Download this link to disk” (or equivalent language). A window asking you where you wish to save the document will appear. Navigate to where you wish to save, and save. Remember where you chose to save the document so you can find it when the download is complete!

If you don't have the Acrobat plug-in installed in your browser, you may simply click on the link to download it. You may then open it with the Acrobat Reader once the download is complete, print it and use it from there.

Thanks for supporting the Integrative Healing Arts.

Download/view North Bay Center of BioEnergetic Health Client Bill of Rights

Practitioners: Download Client Bill of Rights template