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IBASphotoThe Institute of BioEnergetic Arts & Sciences relocated in 2021 to Fort Collins, Colorado. While Adam Lehman retired from his private practice, he still may occasionally see clients live and virtually. Adam provides wellness care for a broad range of health challenges. As well, Adam's work is available to those who may not have any specific illness, but who wish to enhance their current state of well-being and pursue personal growth in various areas of their lives.

Because of the holistic nature of Energy Kinesiology, there are few limitations on what health challenges may be addressed. In his 30 years of experience, Adam has worked with a broad range of issues, including back/neck pain, digestive and blood sugar issues, women's health (PMS, menopause, pregnancy), men's health (prostate issues), neurological issues (stroke recovery, MS, brain injury), cancer, relationship issues, and the emotional challenges of life.


The approach of Adam's work is significantly different than the traditional medical approach. Here, it is the client who is the healer. The underlying philosophy is that we are all designed to have the ability to heal ourselves. When that isn't happening, it is due to a blockage to that ability. Energy Kinesiology works to identify the areas of blockage and their causes, and allow the body to "speak for itself" to say what it needs to regain it's innate healing ability. In this way, Adam is more of a detective, searching out the answers to the body's riddles. He then translates the body's messages and applies those modalities that the body indicates it would benefit from to facilitate the client's own healing process.

Adam also takes a functional approach, using kinesiology techniques and other methods (see Services page) that assess specific functions in the body (for example, how the immune system fights infections or how the stomach breaks down protein), allowing for recommendations specific to the functions that are indicating imbalance. These recommendations may include using reflex points, nutrition, and other methods. As an educational process, the client is always at choice for how to proceed. The model is an energy model and one of client responsibility – Adam does not diagnose, prescribe or treat health related matters.

The above concept is important in that it empowers the individual to take charge of their own health, and understand that they are their own best resource. While western medicine excels at saving lives in acute circumstances, it often is lacking when people find themselves with on-going, chronic issues whose origins are more difficult to pinpoint. This is where Energy Kinesiology, and other integrative modalities, shines. When called for, Adam is completely open to working with doctors and practitioners of other modalities to achieve what's best for the client.

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