Energy Kinesiology Consultations

While Adam has retired from his formal private practice, he may occasionally see clients for private sessions. Based on Energy Kinesiology and the use of Muscle Response Feedback (MRF, aka muscle testing), sessions can utilize a broad range of healing arts and associated tools. For a description of services offered, click on the "Services" link to the left. Adam may also see clients virtually using Zoom, focusing on HeartMath and Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis with associated Nutritional consultation.       

Initial Energy Kinesiology appointments usually last about 90 minutes (but may run a little longer), and include a discussion of personal history and the history of the issue(s), and what the goals are for proceeding with balancing. If a person is new to muscle monitoring, time is spent with education of what a typical session involvesofficephoto, and basics about how Energy Kinesiology works. People who have experienced this work in one form or another can usually jump right into an issue.

After the initial session, appointments are booked on an session basis, lasting between 60-90 minutes. It is generally recommended that between 3 to 5 sessions be experienced on at least a weekly basis to assess the process. This is, of course, dependent on your reasons for scheduling appointments.

Balancing sessions are conducted on a massage table, clothes on, shoes off.

The initial appointment costs $175. Thereafter, sessions are $150/session, with additional time booked at $75 per 1/2 hour.

If you would like to arrange an appointment, please call 707-328-2838.

For information about other services and types of consultations offered, click here.

For further information about Energy Kinesiology, please visit the Energy Kinesiology Awareness Council's website.