Kinesiology Programs Offered by IBAS

Welcome to the Programs Home Page. In this area of the website, you will find descriptions of the many programs and workshops offered. This professional and diversified series of workshops will offer the Energy Kinesiology student the necessary education to become a professional Energy Kinesiology practitioner. While each of the programs stands on its own as a viable kinesiology modality, we believe that exposure to and proficiency at several different kinesiology modalities offers the potential practitioner a wider range and larger “kit bag” of tools to bring to their clients, thereby having the ability to work with a broader range of potential client issues, from structural to emotional to serious neurological and illness processes.

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As you read about the different workshops, many words or phrases that might be unfamiliar are linked and in italics. If you don't understand what that word or phrase means, click on it, and a window will pop up with a definition.

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