Services Offered

Adam has retired from his formal private practice, but occasionally may see clients live or virtually. The virtual practice, while perhaps utilizing Energy Kinesiology, is focused on HeartMath®, Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis and corresponding Nutritional Consultation. In his private practice, Adam offered multiple services in the Optimal and Functional Wellness arena to accompany his Energy Kinesiology work. The results of these services are strictly educational – as an unlicensed practitioner, Adam does not diagnose, prescribe, treat, manipulate, or otherwise do anything otherwise defined as a licensed medical professional. An educational model is utilized to empower you with the best opportunity to take responsibility for your own health.

As a client, you are considered as the healer. You are therefore at choice as to what to do with the information provided by Adam as a Wellness Consultant. Adam's role as a consultant is to be a facilitator of your healing process. The underlying philosophy is that the body is designed to heal itself. When unable to do so, it is considered to be "blocked." By working to unblock the blockages, we work together to bring you into a state of balance. When in balance, the body is then more capable of doing what it is designed to do – heal itself!

If you desire or require allopathic medical treatment, you are recommended to see your own physician or licensed medical practitioner. However, our services may also be used as an adjunct to the allopathic medical approach, often with beneficial outcomes.

Services Available

Energy Kinesiology Sessions – This is the staple of Adam's in-person practice. Using muscle monitoring as a hands-on biofeedback mechanism and communication tool, Adam works with you to identify what is blocking your healing process and what your body indicates it wants to unblock those blockages. Methods include, but are not limited to: acupressure, reflexology, sound (via tuning forks and other instruments), light, emotional stress release and regulation, nutritional support, and energy balancing (chakras, Figure 8s, etc.). HeartMath & Nutrition (detailed further below) are integrated into these sessions when indicated, or can be done independently. Sessions are performed fully clothed, shoes off, on a massage table.

Cost of service – $150 for 60-90 minute session (time variable). Additional time billed in 1/2 hour increments at $75.

HeartMath® Consulting – HeartMath is an easy to use and extremely effective technique to make emotional shifts in your life. The three main outcomes of using HeartMath are emotional self-regulation, building emotional resilience and making long term changes by creating new emotional baselines. Using HeartMath's studied and proven tools in combination with emWave® biofeedback technology (separate purchase necessary if you wish to use it on your own, which is recommended), you have the opportunity to see and track your progress as you use the simple techniques that you are coached to utilize in your daily life.

As both a Certified Practitioner and Trainer of HeartMath, as well as having studied and used the techniques extensively himself, Adam assists you in learning and using the HeartMath tools and, if so desired, the technology. This ensures that you get the best possible outcome, and experience the profound changes that come from this amazing tool.

HeartMath Consultations, when done independently of an Energy Kinesiology session, can optionally be done online via Zoom.

Cost of service – $150/session. Package of 5 sessions – $600
HeartMath BioFeedback Tools available - discount available when purchased with a package:
Inner Balance for phones & tablets – $179.99

Nutrition Coaching – As biochemical balance can be critical to a broad-based wellness approach, nutritional supplementation may be included as support towards your goals. Kinesiology/muscle testing is an invaluable tool in this regard, allowing your body to indicate specifically which supplements, and in which form, will raise your body's vital force. Working in a hierarchal methodology, we target where the most critical underlying needs are and work from there.

At the institute, you can be assured of the highest quality supplements from reputable companies that sell only to health professionals, most of which have been studied and researched for their effectiveness. Xymogen, Biotics, Seroyal, NutriWest and Optimal Health Systems products are featured, but we are always on the lookout for specific products that will be most beneficial to clients. By offering this range, you are ensured of getting the form of nutrient your body will benefit most from.

In addition, regular clients get a 10% discount on most products, essentially making your supplement purchases tax free.

Cost of service – $150 for 60-90 minute session (time variable). Additional time billed in 1/2 hour increments at $75. (same as Energy Kinesiology sessions). Supplements not included, but available for purchase.

Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis – Western medicine relies on blood testing for diagnostic purposes. Unfortunately, the "annual blood check-up" that we grew up with has altered significantly over the years – no longer being as comprehensive as it used to be. In addition, the parameters used are very broad. They are based on a small percentage of the population that is "sick", and everything else is considered to be "OK". As a result, many medical parameters have actually widened in the past 20 years!

New information about blood analysis has shown that there are "optimal" ranges, often much narrower than what the allopathic medical community considers as healthy. Functional Blood Analysis uses these ranges to help identify where imbalances might exist, providing options to consider before things get to a point of being "sick." In addition, relationships between certain parameters are considered in ways that allopathic medicine doesn't usually consider. These considerations are based on the actual biochemistry of what a marker mean and its related functional aspects of how the body works. This can expose imbalances that would otherwise not be seen by a typical doctor, providing information you can use to make changes that may be beneficial for your health, helping to avoid bigger problems down the road – preventative wellness at its best!

Getting the blood tests can be done through your own health provider, or Adam can offer independent options of getting your blood test done to make sure you get the most comprehensive assessment available. Getting the test is your responsibility – then the analysis service is offered separately. Once the analysis is performed, a consultation is set up to discuss and consider options based on the analysis.

If you wish to consider getting tests independently, click here to be taken to Adam's Ulta Lab Tests microsite to see the specially priced packages Adam has designed (once on the page, look for the middle box that says "IBAS Panels"). Other tests are available as well individually. (You must pay for these tests indiependently. In some cases, the charges may be submitted for insurance coverage. Please note that in California, it is illegal for practitioners to charge extra for testing - you pay only what the tests cost with no "upcharge." Adam's fee is only for the analysis and consultation associated with the tests.)

Remember that Adam's consultation is for your educational purposes only. It is not meant for diagnosis, treatment or any other medically based conclusions. You are always at choice to follow through (or not) with what you learn from this or any other of the services offered.

Cost of service – $175 (does not include blood tests, which you take care of independently). Includes analysis plus a 60 minute consultation to explain the analysis. A full detailed printed report is provided as well.

Acugraph Meridian Assessment and MagnetoPoint & Laser Point Balancing – Get the benefit of acupuncture without the needles! Using sophisticated acupoint measuring technology, your meridian energy is assessed and analyzed. Based on the results and analysis, coupled with Energy Kinesiology, magnets are attached to specific acupoints to bring them into balance, or red and blue laser light is used. If indicated (through kinesiology), specialized meridian tuning fork sound is added as an adjunct to enhance the effect. As mentioned above, the concept is that by restoring and maintaining balance, the body is empowered to heal itself, as it was designed to.

Cost of service – $100/session. $50 when included in an Energy Kinesiology session.