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aplogoApplied Physiology is a comprehensive system and education, and is recommended for students seriously interested in a career in the Complementary and Alternative Healing Arts as an Energy Kinesiologist. AP represents the state-of-the-art in this cutting edge field, offering the means of addressing the most complex of health issues a practitioner might come across.

Applied Physiology (AP) is the result of the research of Richard Utt, L.Ac., from Tucson, Arizona. Richard’s path to the Kinesiology arts was a result of his own life-threatening illness, which led him in 1978 to Dr. Sheldon Deal, one of the original “Dirty Dozen” Applied Kinesiology chiropractors that researched with George Goodheart (see the “What is Kinesiology” section for more info).

Richard’s background as an engineer resulted in wanting to know why things happened in the body the way they did. Through his own study of Applied Kinesiology and Touch For Health, Richard began to find ways of working with the body that were true innovations in the field. He named his body of work Applied Physiology.

There are many things that make AP unique in the field of Energy Kinesiology. Here are just a few:

At the Institute of BioEnergetic Arts & Sciences (formerly the Bay Area Center of KinesioHealth), we are proud to offer the largest selection of Applied Physiology classes available in the US and the world! Director Adam Lehman is the only Advanced Instructor in North America, as well as being the Instructor Trainer for AP. For more information on the individual workshops offered, please explore the links above and to the left.

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