Touch for Health 4

In Touch For Health 4, the emphasis is on refining what you’ve already learned in previous Touch for Health workshops, adding a few new touches while reviewing and practicing the multitude of information in the Touch For Health program. In other words, “putting it all together”.

In this workshop, you will learn:

There will be time for review and practice of material covered in the previous three workshops, and integration of all the material into a workable structure for doing Touch For Health balancing in the “real world”.

After completing Touch For Health 1-4, the student has the knowledge to allow the option of taking a written and practical exam in order to qualify for becoming a Touch For Health Instructor. Instructor Training Workshops (ITWs) are taught in different parts of the country by certified instructor trainers at different times of the year. You will be informed of your options and be given the opportunity to become an instructor if you desire to spread the growth of this important work on a larger scale.

By itself, Touch For Health spawned the entire field of Energy Kinesiology throughout the world, making a tremendous difference in people’s lives. After completing this series of workshops, you will have experienced this for yourself, and most likely have already helped others to experience it as well.

While Touch For Health stands by itself as a wonderful and powerful tool for enhancing and maintaining wellness, many students at this point are so fascinated with what they've learned and experienced that they want even more. For this reason, the Institute of BioEnergetic Arts & Sciences is pleased to be able to offer a broad variety of Energy Kinesiology courses for the motivated student. Please explore our other areas of workshop programs to see what other choices exist in your beginning or continuing education.

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