Agape Quest 4:
Advanced Holographic Balancing

The Advanced Holographic Balancing module is where the Applied Physiology process really takes off. Here, a whole new way of approaching the hologram is presented, one in which the focus is on the big picture — whether from a single meridian point of view in the "Can Opener," or the whole physical/metaphysical structure in "Basket Weaver." These approaches to the hologram pull together the many pieces of the story that contribute to chronic imbalances in the body.

Of course, a continued expansion of the number and sophistication of balancing techniques is included, so that by completion of this module, which also brings the Agape Quest portion of Applied Physiology to its conclusion, the student is ready to go out into the world and refine their technique by working on friends, family and clients.

The session concepts taught in this module include:

The balancing techniques taught in this module include:

Upon completion of the Advanced Holographic Balancing module, and therefore the Agape Quest, the student has skills and tools that allow them to demonstrate a professional level of balancing, offering those in need a specialty that is not available from practitioners of any single healing modality or even in other kinesiologies. With an understanding of muscle monitoring as a communication tool that offers the skilled practitioner a truly holistic means of exploring and working with the energy of virtually any issue or imbalance, the Agape Quest graduate merely needs to hone and refine their art to be an accomplished and professional Energy Kinesiologist.

Of course, there is always more to learn! As one goes through their educational process, one finds that as a new concept or technique is learned, doors open into new, unexplored areas. Inspired by what has been accomplished in a short period of time, the Agape Quest graduate is encouraged to continue with advanced Applied Physiology workshops such as the 7 Chi Keys and 5 Houses of Chi and beyond, and/or cross over to other Energy Kinesiology modalities such as Touch for Health and One Brain. Study in other areas is also encouraged, such as Anatomy and Physiology, nutrition, emotional processing, etc.

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