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tfhlogoIf you want to extend your Touch for Health skills beyond all you learned in the venerable 4 part workshop series, the Holographic Explorer series – beginning with 2 levels of Holographic Touch for Health™ – literally takes you to a new dimension. Utilizing and building on the myriad of skills, techniques and concepts you’ve already learned, HoloTFH provides a professional model and system of balancing that allows you to approach virtually any wellness challenge, taking the guesswork out of which technique to use when.

There are many things that make the Holographic Explorer special. Paramount of these is the holographic model itself. A hologram is a 3 dimensional picture with a variety of significant properties...

As we live in a 3 dimensional world, approaching the body in a 3 dimensional construct takes advantage of these properties because it’s how the body exists and functions. This goes beyond relying on the holographic properties of the universe to simply enhance the methods you utilize when you work with someone. Rather, you learn how to consciously harness the holographic properties of the body from the beginning – assessing imbalances and the current state of being in a holographic way to better understand the underlying influences of why someone is not feeling at their optimal best. With this assessment, you then learn how to do your balancing holographically as well, taking full advantage of the 3D nature of the body from start to finish to get the best possible result.

The Holographic Explorer series is designed, in the words of one of the program’s students, to “give (you) a chance to grow from Touch for Health practitioners into (Energy) Kinesiologists.”

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