The 7 Chi Keys

Richard Utt, L.Ac., founder of Applied Physiology, refers to the 7 Chi Keys as the Crown Jewel of Applied Physiology. Based on a series of transcribed dreams, “The Keys” is a method of balancing the 7 major chakras using the acupressure system. Later research incorporated the use of the AP Meridian Tuning Forks and crystals as other means of balancing the Keys.

The Keys looks at several different aspects of a chakra that might be out of balance, including the density (concerning the internal structure of the chakra), spin (relating to the movement of the chakra) and projection (relating to how far or little the chakra is projecting relative to the other chakras), as well as the integrity of the individual cones that make up the chakra that might be broken or hooked.

This in depth look at the chakra system quickly became the most utilitized tool in the Applied Physiology kit bag. Because the chakras are a metaphysical energy system, but tie into the endocrine (glandular) and nervous systems of the body, they create an integrative bridge between the physical and metaphysical. This provides a grounding mechanism for much of the balancing that has already occurred during a session, acting as a finishing technique. As well, it stands superbly on its own when used during the course of a session, or even as the only balancing technique used in a session. It is an immensely powerful tool, and essential to those who have learned and mastered it — which is not a difficult thing to do!

In this workshop, the student will become acquainted with the theory and principles of the chakra system. Because of its relationship to the Chinese meridian acupressure system, considerable time is spent in the class learning the location of the acupressure points necessary to utilize this tool with proficiency. Upon completion of the workshop, the student will have learned:

Whether used for pain, neurological disorders, emotional issues, or just everyday balancing, the Keys will immediately become a technique that you will use again and again. Balancing with the Keys ensures longer lasting results with any other methods you use. This is a must have class for any Energy Kinesiologist!

Until recently, the 7 Chi Keys had a pre-requisite of the Agape Quest. In the summer of 2000, that pre-requisite was lifted, though it is still strongly recommended. However, people with other kinesiology experience in which they have learned to use an indicator muscle and pause lock (or circuit retaining mode) are eligible to take this class. Knowledge of the use of hand modes and Alarm Points is also helpful.

The 7 Chi Keys is offered as a 7 day class, expanding on the original format of 5 days, but for the same price. This allows for further in depth examination of the chakras themselves, including physiological, emotional and behavioral characteristics and how to use that information for more in-depth balancing.

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