Acu-K's Harmonic Chi

Approved by NCCAOM for 14 PDA points! NCCAOM Provider #1048.
Approved by the Calfornia State Board of Acupuncture for 14 CEUs! California Provider #1010

Harmonic Chi is the first workshop developed in the Acu-K series. Designed specifically for acupuncturists, this workshop brings the world of Energy Kinesiology to the acupuncture practitioner, combining muscle monitoring skills with core techniques that are easily integrated with an acupuncture session.

forks.jpgAs well as learning neurologically accurate muscle monitoring skills, the acupuncturist learns how to use sound, both with and without needles in the patient. Also included is the Tibetan energy system of the Figure 8s. Figure 8s are greatly enhanced by tuning forks, and can be used before, during and/or after an acupuncture session.

The tuning forks used in this workshop are the Applied Physiology (AP) Meridian Tuning Forks, used in the AP workshop series. These forks were researched and developed by Richard Utt over 25 years ago. There are 14 forks, one for each of the bilateral meridians, plus the Ren and Du channels (Central and Governing meridians). The tuning forks were researched to specifically be in resonance with the meridians, and are very powerful tools. Imagine how they'll be when combined with needles in points on the meridians they are designed for!

The tools and concepts taught in this class include:

Acu-K's Harmonic Chi is the gateway to a whole new toolkit for the acupuncturist. By learning proper kinesiology technique, practitioners will be able to use muscle monitoring for a broad range of applications in acupuncture sessions. Including the use of sound and the Figure 8s, new and relevant techniques to achieve greater results are icing on the cake!

Future courses will include methods of bringing emotional processing based on concepts of Chinese Medicine already known to, but often untapped by, the acupuncturist. We look forward to seeing you in Harmonic Chi!

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