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Acu-K is a name with double meaning – it refers to the accurate nature of muscle monitoring utilized in the workshop, but more importantly, it speaks to the acupressure roots of kinesiology.

Acu-K is the result of a desire to build further on the connection between kinesiology and traditional Chinese/Asian healing methods as found in acupuncture and related modalities. While Applied Kinesiology originally made these connections, which led to Touch for Health being brought to the lay person, there are still many techniques found in Acupuncture and related Asian modalities that never seemed to make it over to the kinesiology repertoire.

Adam Lehman's background and experience in the healing arts led him to find more of these traditional methods and integrate them with the solid kinesiology core of Applied Physiology. This resulted in the creation of Acu-K. This is a work still in progress, with more courses to be added. Some will be for the kinesiology community, and others will integrate kinesiology and its modalities into the acupuncture community. After all, bridges are 2 way connections!

For the kinesiology community, it is recommended that attendees complete at least the Agape 1 and 2 workshops before attending these courses.

For the acupuncture community, Harmonic Chi is the "intro" course, with basics on muscle monitoring as a means of finding information. It is recommended that all acupuncturists pursuing this line of coursework take Harmonic Chi.

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