Agape Quest 2: Muscle Monitoring

The Muscle Monitoring module is the second module taught in the Agape Quest series, and is taught after Agape Quest 1: Holographic Balancing.

In this 4 day module, the student is introduced to sixteen major muscles in the body and how to monitor them, their origins and insertions (the attachments of a muscle), and their related meridians and organs. As well, the balancing techniques of NeuroLymphatic Reflexes and NeuroVascular Reflexes are introduced. In these ways, there is similarity between this early stage of Applied Physiology and Touch for Health.

However, here you also learn to use these techniques in the Applied Physiology holographic model — a unique and proprietary way of monitoring muscles through their entire range of motion (14 positions) in order to get information about how the meridians relate to each other. The balancing techniques are then applied in a holographic manner as well, giving the body more specific direction regarding the technique being applied. Even those who are accomplished in other forms of Energy Kinesiology such as Touch for Health will find this new information powerful and rewarding, offering new applications of previous knowledge to go along with the information that is all new and different.

The session tools taught in this module are:

The balancing tools taught in this module are:

This profound module acts as both an introduction to the concepts of muscle monitoring and energy balancing, and as a foundation for concepts that are built upon throughout the rest of the Agape Quest and entire Applied Physiology series. You will use the information from this module in every balancing session, with the 14 position muscle monitoring coordinates acting as the neurological representation of the stressors identified that are blocking the client's road to health.

From here, the student continues on with the Attitude with Essence module.


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