The Dyslexia Hologram

The Appled Physiology Dyslexia Hologram addresses the blockages to learning we all experience, largely as a result of how we blind ourselves due to our perceptions. In doing so, balancing with this technique opens our eyes to possibilities we may have not allowed ourselves to be aware of.

Technically speaking, dyslexia is the reversal of numbers and letters, or even complete words. An example might be the letters "b" and "d" being confused. This is due to a neurological phenomena called "switching," where information coming in through the senses are confused in the brain. But switching can happen in many other ways other than just the obvious confusion between left and right. As a result, we look at dyslexia as any blockage to learning – and we all have something that gives us trouble in that way!

As we go through our lives, one of the natural instincts that guides us is to “avoid stress.” This often translates to “survival behavior” due to underlying fear. However, many times we behave in survival fashion for things that aren't necessarily life threatening, but merely a result of previous experience that we perceived as being dangerous. The emotional content that drives this behavior is usually due to experience from early childhood that we are no longer even consciously aware of, for if we were, we most likely would think ourselves as being quite silly and the resulting behavior inappropriate.

Even if earlier events of our lives were serious at the time, we may wish that we were no longer subject to the effects of them for the rest of our lives. The neurological imprint can be so strong that we feel victimized by the past, experiencing the same unwanted behavior over and over, even though we'd like to be free to make new choices, to thrive.

One effect of the threatening nature of fear is that we often restrict our peripheral vision to protect ourselves from the dangerous world around us. It's as if we say to ourselve,"If I can't see it, it can't hurt me." Or we're so focused on the fear that all we see are those things that support the fear, missing so much more that is available to us. This limiting of viewpoint becomes an important factor in our inability to see our way through difficult situations, perceive new choices and experiences. What would really be helpful is to broaden our vision to see all the possibilities that are available to us.

In the Dyslexia Hologram, the student learns a sophisticated method of integrating peripheral vision to eliminate switching relative to issues that contain emotional content and limit perceived choices. Using the proprietary Applied Physiology Dyslexia Folio, a set of transparencies that contain symbols that represent states of nuerological switching, and color combinations to challenge and integrate neurological imbalances resulting from peripheral vision limitations, the student is able to identify areas of stress based on the Applied Physiology 7 Element Hologram model, and quickly bring the stress into balance.

Included in the folio is a set of letters in upper and lower case, as well as numbers. By combining these letters and numbers with the other symbol transparencies, the stress of learning disabilities that often result in the inability to read and write are addressed in a similar fashion. Much of the stress found in learning problems is due to negative emotional experience, resulting in difficulty interpreting letters and symbols and hence, inability to understand the meaning of what is being read or written. The Dyslexia Hologram provides a powerful means of bringing these stressors into balance, helping children and adults alike move beyond their learning limitations.

Whether working with learning disabilities, everyday emotional issues, or more serious trauma and physical problems, the Dyslexia Hologram is an important tool for helping to resolve chronic dis-ability.

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