HeartMath's Resilience Advantage

HeartMath® Inc. was founded in 1991 by Doc Childre and a group of like-minded individuals that dedicated themselves to research based on the concept that there were benefits to "living from the heart." Wanting to prove that this was more than a "woo-woo New Age" concept, a team of researchers, scientists and dedicated individuals began their exploration of the world of the heart.

In the 25 years since then, what they have found has exploded the idea that the heart is simply a pump. Their discoveries have proven that the heart is actually its own brain, and has properties beyond what science even imagined prior to that – while verifying what has been intuitively known for centuries.

After years of research, the HeartMath team, led by Doc Childre, created a number of tools that allowed anyone to learn to access the remarkable properties of the heart that have now been scientifically proven and validated. Utilizing these tools has enormous benefits in terms of emotional self-regulation, and through that, health and wellness. The HeartMath Resilience Advantage Workshop teaches you skills that have been studied and proven to be truly life changing.

When applied, some of the benefits you will experience include:

The HeartMath system has been utilized by Fortune 500 companies to improve individual and group outcomes, by pro and olympic athletes, by armed forces and first responders, nurses/hospitals/EMTs, teacher and students – all with improved results in their various fields. Their research has been published in major journals such as JAMA, Journal of Cardiology, etc. The research continues to this day, and has inspired an enormous amount of research by others as well, further verifying the original concepts HeartMath set out to prove and expanding even further. These concepts, once rejected as being "woo woo", are now being embraced by the medical community as well and utilized by doctors, psychologists and other health professionals.

The Resilience Advantage workshop is a series of modules that may be offered in a number of formats. Corporations and businesses may prefer a full one day training. Individuals might better benefit from a series of smaller presentations, such as 2 1/2 days or even 4 smaller modules. This allows you to practice what you learn and then build on that as you go along, allowing you to experience the benefits as you continue to understand the numerous application possibilities in your life.

Regardless of how you choose to learn these simple yet profoundly effective tools, you'll be amazed at how quickly they begin to take effect when practiced. HeartMath is not a meditation. It does not require that you take 20 minutes of solitude out of your day. The exercises can be done in a matter of a minute or less, even while you're engaged in another activity.

When you leave The Resilience Advantage Workshop, you'll have a firm grasp of the basic HeartMath tools, how and why they work, and how and when to apply them. You'll have the opportunity to see the biofeedback technology that HeartMath has created, and even purchase it for yourself to help you stay on track and enhance your path towards noticeable change.

The Resiiience Advantage Workshop is an uplifting and rewarding experience that provides you with tools that are truly life-changing. Email Adam (or call 707-328-2838) today to find out how you can experience HeartMath and participate in The Resilience Advantage either in a group or in one-on-one coaching.
















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