Agape Quest 3: Attitude with Essence

The Attitude with Essence Module is the third module of Applied Physiology's Agape Quest.

The main focus of this module is learning the techniques for identifying and balancing emotional components of dis-ease. This module is packed with information and practical knowledge that will enhance your understanding and leave you in awe of what you will be able to accomplish with this remarkable work.

The session tools taught in this module include:

The balancing tools taught in this class include:

Stress and its corresponding emotional components are now being recognized more for their role in ill health. The Attitude with Essence module offers a powerful yet easily accessible means of working with the emotional structures that underlie these imbalances.

Utilizing the fundamental skills of performing a kinesiology session learned in previous modules, the student is now prepared to work with the power of the emotions to deepen their balancing. From here, they move into the Advanced Holographic Balancing module, where further development of the use of the hologram and other balancing techniques is explored.

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