Applied Physiology's Agape Quest

The Agape Quest is the introductory 4 part series in the Applied Physiology educational program. Originally taught in a 10 day intensive format, the new modular series restructures the material to offer a format that is more accessible, and a pace that offers the student deeper understanding and allows more practice time of the comprehensive nature of the material presented.

Each of the four modules runs for 4 days. You may learn about each of the modules by clicking on its name, or on the links in the navigation menu to the left under Applied Physiology:

The Figure 8s module is divided into 2 parts and included in the first and last modules listed above.

Each of the 4 main modules has a link at the bottom of its respective page that contains logistics and price details.

Upon completion of the Agape Quest, the student earns the Applied Physiology title of Stress Observation Specialist, and has fulfilled the pre-requisites to continue in the program with the more advanced Applied Physiologist workshop modules, such as the 7 Chi Keys, Dyslexia Hologram, 5 Houses of Chi, Centering, and more. To see a flow chart of the Applied Physiology Education Spectrum, click here.

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