Agape Quest 1: Holographic Balancing

New!!! Now approved by NCCAOM for 28 PDA points. Provider #1048.
New!!! Now approved by California Board of Acupuncture for 28 CEUs. Provider #1010

Agape Quest 1: Holographic Balancing is the introductory 4 day workshop in the Applied Physiology program. In this workshop, the student will learn the art and science of muscle monitoring – a hands on biofeedback tool (no machines) to communicate with the body. Utilizing this tool, the student will learn how to conduct an Applied Physiology "session." Utilizing this skill, the student gathers information through the use of specific acupuncture points known as Alarm Points and the use of hand modes. Neurological mechanisms are used to then hold that information in the body so the body understands what energy is being balanced, and energy balancing techniques are applied to assist the person in healing themselves.

The session tools taught in this class include:

Agape Quest 1: Holographic Balancing is the gateway to the Applied Physiology educational program. This 32 hour program gives the student powerful tools to help their friends, family and clients make significant changes in their lives. While just the tip of the iceberg in your Applied Physiology education, this workshop presents a complete and powerful system that allows one to begin helping others immediately upon completion of the workshop.

From here, the student continues with the Agape Quest 2: Muscle Monitoring Module.

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