Touch for Health 3

In Touch for Health 3, the student begins to move into more advanced concepts of balancing using a synthesis of western concepts of muscle testing and principles and philosophies of Chinese medicine. Introducing more muscles offers choices in regards to physical injury and more thorough meridian balancing. And introduction to several new balancing options offers creative choices for addressing the many types of issues that friends, family and clients might present.

In Touch For Health 3, you will learn:

These powerful new balancing techniques:

The education and practice of the first two Touch For Health classes coupled with the information and techniques offered in this class elevates the student to new heights in his/her abilities to help others in a skilled and professional manner. With a solid grounding in the integration of Western and Eastern philosophy and practice in holistic healing modalities, the Touch for Health student is able to work with a broad range of health and wellness issues with the unique approach of the Touch For Health synthesis.

In Touch For Health 4, the finishing touches are applied.

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