Touch for Health 1

This is where it all begins. As an instructor of Touch For Health for almost 20 years, I still love teaching this class because of all the doors it opens for those wanting to learn and use this system. As well, I continue to learn through the teaching of this wonderful workshop. Even after thousands of hours of kinesiology and other healing arts education, I marvel at the profound simplicity and results achieved with just this one weekend course and the power of the 14 muscle balance learned by those who attend.

Whether for your own personal use and the well-being of your friends and family, or as the starting point for a career in Energy Kinesiology and the Integrative Healing Arts, Touch For Health 1 is ground zero.

In this workshop, you will learn:

You will also learn several healing modality energy balancing techniques, including:

At the end of the weekend, you will have learned a complete system (the Touch For Health 14 Muscle Balance) that you can use on others to offer them a dynamic energy balancing session. With regular balancing, the body is better able to utilize its inherent healing capabilities. When done as a consistent program of self-help, better health is achieved and maintained, and performance enhanced, whether at work, school or play.

Once you learn this beautiful system, you will want to learn more. As you progress through the Touch For Health program, you will build on your knowledge and learn tools that speed up and enhance your balancing sessions to have more to offer your friends, family and clients.

Next in the series is Touch for Health 2.

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